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14.Oct 2017
Hello, at fist sorry for english. I've watched your forum for some time with a little help of google translate looking for some info about Minsk M1M.

Some time ago Ī've started rebuilding M1M found in basement. In past two years I've been collecting missing parts and looking for information about that bike.

Right now I have two M1M's. They look almost the same, but there are few differences I would like to ask you about.

By studying different manuals i''ve found out following differences

coil KM-1 
generator – G37 6V 35W 
battery – YES 
signal – S23 
lamp – FG-17 
pressure valve in cylinder head – YES 
gear marks on chain cover- YES 
carburator – K-55 
plate on side of cylinder head – NO 
speedometer – mounted next to lamp

coil KM-1 
generator – G36 or G38 – both are in manual 
battery – NO 
signal – C34 
lamp – FG-38 
pressure valve in cylinder head – YES
gear marks on chain cover – NO
carburator– K-55 
plate on side of cylinder head – TAK 
speedometer – mounted inside lamp

Still have no idea why and when sometimes number were pressed on frame head, and sometimes there was only id plate and no numbers plates. Also when they changed fuel tank graphics from just MINSK to graphic with big logo

Since i don't have papers for my bikes, i would like to date them somehow.

btw. I have webpage about M1M, it is in polish, but with google translate you can find lots of useful info there.

Thanks for your help.

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